Women’s Friendship Group

Who We Are

wfg-logoThe Women’s Friendship Group Inc. is a non denominational, non political, multicultural group for women from diverse cultural backgrounds in Manningham. The WFG has women from 33 diverse cultures who meet in friendship and harmony. The women meet on a monthly basis for either a morning tea or lunch. We have guest presenters on topics including health, financial and legal issues pertinent to their lives. We have two outings per year one to the country and the other to the seaside. We also have a partnership with the YMCA whereby we have two weekly Strengthening Exercise classes and have a Craft group. The WFG has two Social Justice programs, one domestic and one international. The current Domestic Social Justice program is to make garments for Manningham Community Health Services which are to be given to the needy within the Manningham community. The International Social Justice program has been providing money to Pastor Daniel Ntheeu to feed the village people in Kanthi which is located in the Eastern region of Kenya. Kanthi village, as all of Kenya and the Horn of Africa, has experienced drought and famine for the past four years. In order to help these village people the WFG aims to raise funds to have water connected to the village so they can grow their own vegetables and become self sufficient. This gesture by the women of the WFG empowers women in both countries to raise their profile and elevate themselves out of poverty. ¬†You can read more about the project here.

For more information about the Women’s Friendship Group, please contact Helen Jurcevic on 0409 035 045 or via the contact page.

Mission Statement

The Women’s Friendship Group mission statment is:

  • To recognise the status of women. Their place and importance within the family and community.
  • Establish frequent group meetings to create an environment whereby universal friendships are established and nourished.
  • To invest time and energy in friends.
  • To practice acts of kindness to give a greater sense of connection with others.
  • Non-political, non-denominational, multicultural.
  • A friend is a gift you give yourself.