Bulletin Update No. 79

I have been withholding writing this bulletin in the hope that Pastor Daniel may have responded in the ‘affirmative’ regarding having the registration of the Dispensary centre and Nursery school changed from a faith based registration to a community based registration. Sadly this has not been the case. I spoke with Daniel last week and he only then informed me of the status in the village. Although they have had rains the water is not flowing to the Water Kiosk. Secondly the tomato crop that Daniel had planted was not harvested, lost due to the lack of water. In hindsight perhaps he should have planted the potatoes as first discussed as I sent enough money for water for the harvesting of a potato crop! As a result of no income the Nursery school closed due to no money to pay a teacher and lastly with no money the Dispensary closed also. I was advised that Daniel had had a fall and injured his hand, so I do hope he makes a full recovery soon. As the Women’s Friendship Group together with donors provided the money for the infrastructure of the Water Kiosk, the Greenhouse, the furnishings for the Nursery School and the Dispensary and fittings with the village women contributing the labour I trust in the future these projects may be resurrected and not fail as many NGO projects seem to in Africa.

In speaking with Daniel after the ‘doom and gloom’ news I advised him that the women of the Women’s Friendship Group had contributed and raised money for the village people to have a Christmas lunch on 25th December. I sent $552.00 (Ksh 38,000.00) over for Daniel to purchase five goats, flour, beans, and 20 litre of oil. I asked Daniel to buy packets of sweet biscuits and bottles of soft drinks for the 150 children in the village as a special ‘treat’.

Unfortunately I have not had a reply from Margaret Kenyatta to my letter regarding the shipment of the medical supplies (still stored at Tullamarine).

I do not wish to finish off the Bulletin Updates on a negative note so I hope and pray the people of Kanthi village may gain assistance from the Kenyan Government in the forthcoming election year to sustain the infrastructure thus giving them a continuation of their ‘improved quality of life’.

May I wish each and everyone who has supported the Kanthi Village projects over the past five years a very happy Christmas, a peaceful holiday for those on leave and a great 2017.