Bulletin Update No. 78

It was great to finally receive some correspondence from Pastor Daniel the other week regarding the progress of the tomato crop and also showing the Primary School classroom the Government has built in Kanthi. Interesting finish compared with the Dispensary finish which the village people built!! I guess with elections coming up ‘things start to move’.

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The second correspondence from Daniel was the registration notice from the Kenyan Government for the Dispensary. I was ‘over the moon’ to receive it until I read that the Dispensary was registered ‘As a Faith Based Organisation’ which means the Good News Church of Africa of which Daniel is the Pastor has ownership, not the Kanthi Community. Also the Dispensary registration expires on 16th December, 2016, (see Certificate below). Teresia Mutisya, Pastor Daniel’s daughter, stated she thought it was a Government error in registration, however I pointed out that the Nursery School was also registered in the Church’s name which I have been requesting to have changed for the past eighteen months, but it still remains under the original registration.

There are two aspects which are of great concern:

Firstly if the entity was registered as a Community based organisation then they would receive free vaccines and possible medical supplies and staffing by the Kenyan Government according to the Hon. Rachael Nyamai MP for the Kitui County.

Secondly as the Women’s Friendship Group Inc. is a non-denominational, non-political, multicultural organization for women, we do not support funding any specific denominational organisations i.e. The Good News Church of Africa.

I have written to Pastor Daniel expressing the above points and requested that he have the registration changed to indicate the registration and ownership of the Dispensary and also the Nursery School by the Kanthi Community. I shall await his reply but until such time the WFG Committee has decided, on behalf of its donors and under its constitution, to suspend any further funding for projects i.e. the second Greenhouse until this matter is rectified. However the Committee did vote to send a donation collected at the WFG Christmas luncheon to Pastor Daniel to purchase food for the people of Kanthi village for Christmas as we have done over the past years.


I truly hope that Pastor Daniel abides by our original agreement that is ‘that all projects funded by the WFG are registered and owned by the Kanthi Community’.

I shall await his reply and advise all supporters of the Walk for Water projects accordingly.