Bulletin Update No. 77

Another nice surprise last week was that Pastor Daniel rang me to have a talk. He stated that he had travelled to Nairobi to register the Dispensary. He told me that he had to sell an animal to pay the ‘costs’ at every level! I said I had sent the money for the registration last year, he said he had paid it but had not been given a receipt. However Daniel said he paid the cost again and was then told he had to wait a fortnight to receive the document of registration, hopefully early next week. Daniel registered the name of the dispensary Kanthi Community Dispensary. Sadly, and I do not blame him, Daniel said he is ageing and is not too well and so is tiring of the work but however would see this project through.

He forward the document regarding the inspection (click to enlarge).


Daniel said that there has not been any water for quite some time. He said that they had to ‘let the male nurse go’ as they could not afford his wages (Ksh25,000.00 per month) and had employed a retired senior lady for Ksh 7,000.00 per month. However the Dispensary was not paying its way. Due to not having a good crop they have closed the Nursery school sadly and especially as the Government is in the process of building a Primary School, finally. I am sorry this information was not conveyed to me earlier either by Daniel or Hon. Rachael Nyamai. I sent money over to purchase water and therefore plant a crop, hopefully ‘some part of the project’ can be resurrected…..it seems a never ending battle!!

When I receive the registration paper I shall contact the Kenyan High Commissioner’s office in Canberra and see what they believe the next best step before giving the documents to Etihad airlines. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a wonderful lady this week, Sister Margaret of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. Sister has worked in Kenya for the past twenty five years, and guess what in the Machakos County which is the County next to Kitui, which is where Kanthi is situated. Sister is returning to Kenya on 20th September. Sister told me that The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta was a wonderful woman who has a campaign Zero Maternal Deaths and runs marathons to raise money for this cause. Margaret ran the London Marathon and the New York Marathon. I am contacting her to see if she is interested in sterile Obstetric kits I have in my shipment to Kenya and maybe, just maybe with the registration papers and The First Lady’s interest, the shipment might leave our shores!! It has been twelve months since I received the first donations…..patience Daniel says! Also I understand if the Dispensary is registered as a community entity then vaccinations are provided free of charge and hopefully a staff member, fingers crossed.

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