Bulletin Update No. 76

I sent off the request to Pastor Daniel on 4th July regarding the Ecommunity online registration of the Dispensary and a request for receipts of monies sent in the past months as July is taxation and audit time for the WFG Australian/Kanthi Village account. As I had not heard back, I sent another email and an SMS to alert Daniel of an email being send. I was so excited to receive an immediate response. Please see below the photo of the new tomato crop, an email of explanation from Daniel and the copies of receipts.




Much greetings from Kanthi.Iam very sorry for delaying to update you on the receipts of the money you sent to us.

Out of 35,000ksh you sent we only used 7500ksh to buy one trip of water bowzer .The water we used for nursery planting. We Trans planted the nursery on 3rd July 2016.Below find pictures of the transplanted tomatoes.

The rest of the money is in our account a waiting to buy water.

About registration the hospital is doing all necessary but the government keeps on saying I wait. I talked to our area(HON.RACHAEL KAKI) mp and she said she would help but now she is out of the country. I will update you on the progress once she is back.




I wish to have the Dispensary project completed before I send money over for the second Greenhouse, so I truly wish one of Pastor Daniel’s sons in Nairobi would register the entity online and I shall then negotiate with the Government re-entry of the goods without having to pay taxes. Pastor Daniel stating that he is waiting on Hon. Rachael Nyamai, from my experience with Rachael and advice from the Kenyan Consulate in Canberra, we shall be waiting!!

I am so grateful, on behalf of the Kanthi village people, to those wonderful individuals who are still contributing towards the second Greenhouse. I have just emailed Amiran to re-establish contact in preparation for a contact.

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