Bulletin Update No. 75

Well a possible ‘breakthrough’! After several telephone calls to the Kenyan High Commissioner’s office in Canberra, I finally spoke with Consular Maurice Amisi, who assisted me with the connection of water in the latter stage of the Water project back in 2012/2013. Maurice advised me of the laws relating to the importation of medical supplies and goods into Kenya. If the goods are being donated to a registered institution then the Kenyan Government does not charge taxes for the goods. Maurice guided me through a website: ecitizen.go.ke in order to register the Dispensary. Ezekiel, Daniel’s son offered to attend to the registration, so fingers crossed, the goods maybe on their way to Nairobi in the near futureā€¦..Daniel always says ‘patience Hellen’!

Interestingly Consular Maurice advised me to have direct contact with the Government officials in Kenya, not the Parliamentarians!