Bulletin Update No. 74

I note that it is two months since my last bulletin update, two months of frustration! The much needed medical supplies, clothing, crayons, toothbrushes, toothpaste are still sitting at Netfreight’s warehouse in Tullamarine waiting for ‘the elusive authority’ to have Etihad airlines fly the cargo to Nairobi. I have sent numerous emails followed up by telephone calls since March to Hon. Rachael Nyamai, all falling on deaf ears. Why no answer is the unknown, why not accepting the cargo to help her people is beyond comprehension. In my last email to Rachael I mentioned the media coverage the Kenyan election campaign is showing on Melbourne television and suggested that if she authorized the cargo to be accepted, ‘how good that would look for her campaign’, still no reply!!

In desperation I rang the Kenyan High Commissioner in Canberra last week and spoke to Lawrence Kanampau in the Consulate office. Lawrence was very receptive of my plight and after visiting the Walk for Water website promised to take all my issues re the cargo to Ambassador Kabira and hopefully find a solution to my problem of approval to send the goods. Lawrence invited me to Canberra to meet with Ambassador Kabira and I in return extended an invitation for the Ambassador to visit Melbourne. I shall wait this week for a return call or email.

In the meantime I received two telephone calls from Pastor Daniel advising me of his situation. Sadly, due to the ongoing drought they have no water flowing through their pipes and hence no crops in the Greenhouse. Without income from the crops Daniel is having to pay the Nursery school teacher out of his own funds. He advised me that the children who graduated last year from the Nursery school are excelling at school this year and he was thrilled at their prospects. He told me that if they had five tankers of water delivered then that would fill their tanks and they would have enough water to grow potatoes and they sell very well at market due to being scarse. Each tanker costs Ksh 7,500.00 and so I sent Ksh 37,500.00 which with the Western Union fee cost A$557.27 (sadly the Ksh is 0.71 for A$1.00). Sending this money meant I had to ‘dip’ into the money set aside for the second Greenhouse) so that will have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately with the fluxation of the Australian dollar it is becoming more expensive as time goes by! Why a second Greenhouse I asked Daniel, he replied when the rains come we can ‘run two crops’ alternatively and so hopefully have a continuous source of income.

Surprisingly the Dispensary (Medical Centre) is still operating but for reasons unknown is not being well patronised, perhaps this will take time!

Let’s hope and pray the Kenyan Ambassador in Australia can ‘work a miracle’ to have this cargo accepted.