Bulletin Update No. 71

As Pastor Daniel promised he forward an email and photos of their Christmas lunch. Unfortunately there were not photos of the children’s treats as explained in the email. Please view photos and thank you to those in the Women’s Friendship Group who contributed to this Christmas luncheon.

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Due to un avoidable circumstance the day I was supposed to give children goodies I was not within reach and I did not want them be given when I was not around so I planned on this day to give children and the entire church the goodies.

The money you had given me for the food for nursery I deposited in bank . we started to use the money when school has opened . On 25/12/2015 I left presents which were given when I was away that’s why I did not post you any photos . please sister Helen God has given me peace of heart and to be contented with whatever small I have so don’t be disappointed .



It is lovely to see the families coming tother to celebrate Christmas. I am currently focusing on raising money to purchase a second Greenhouse so the villagers will become self-sufficient and not rely on seasonal rains that often do not ever come and then having to turn to ‘outside’ support.

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