Bulletin Update No. 70

Firstly may I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. I am delighted to say that 2016 has commenced fabulously with the most wonderful gesture by Etihad Airlines. I have a lifelong friend Luke who is the Operational Control Manager for the airlines in Abu Dhabi. Luke has arranged through the airlines Sydney office to fly all the medical supplies including children’s clothing over to Nairobi gratis…..Colin the Country Manager Cargo in Australia who is in Etihad Sydney office advised me to collect additional supplies together with used clothes for the children and he will arrange to fly them over the week of 1st February, 2016….wow!

I received an email from Hon. Rachael Nyamai a Minister in the Kenyan Government wishing me well for 2016. I replied similarly and requested her assistance to have her Government waiver the duty fees on the cargo when it arrives at Nairobi airport…..fingers crossed that this is the case and the goods arrive in tact. I shall ask Emmanuel, Pastor Daniel’s son who lives in Nairobi and works for the Government, to collect the supplies and have them transported to Kanthi…….what an operation! It continues to amaze me how people and organizations not connected with the Women’s Friendship Group’s Kanthi projects are so willing to donate time and expertise to the cause….such goodness in the world!

Pastor Daniel sent me a document and photos in an email last night but unfortunately I cannot open them in the particular format so we have requested that they resend them in another format.

If you wish to view past Kanthi Bulletin Updates please visit the website www.walkforwater.com.au to read the village people of Kanthi’s journey.