Bulletin Update No. 69

Thank you to all those who voted for me in The Weekly Review Local Hero award. A very deserving young mum, Katie Koullas, was the winner of the award. Katie has a little daughter with autism who is excluded from parties and playdates. Katie organizes playdates for children with autism…..an inspiring young woman.

Sadly some devastating news right on Christmas. After so many requests for detailed information from the Kenyan Government in Nairobi over the past few months regarding the medical supplies for Kanthi and the information including pictures of the goods continually answered by Essendon Rotary. The delay was at a considerable cost to Rotary due to the fluxation of the US dollar, so Rotary decided to send their shipment of hospital beds etc and so the ship has left without the WFG medical supplies for Kanthi as the Kenyan Government did not sanction its departure. Now I have twenty three boxes sitting on a pellet in Melbourne and I cannot describe my ‘heartbreak’ after all Daniel said the Medical Centre is really ‘picking up’ with more people attending as it becomes known…..a Medical Centre without supplies! I rang Hon. Rachael Nyamai in Kenya and expressed my devastation. We had a ‘bad phone line’ and I gleamed that the officers in Government were temporary and permanent officers would be appointed in January. I do not know what difference they would make! I neglected to ask at what stage the proposed Primary school (to be built by the Government) was at. Rachael promised that the first classroom would be finished at the end of 2014 and that was revised to the end of 2015!

On a brighter note the WFG members donated money for Christmas lunch for the village people in Kanthi. I asked Daniel to order goats, beans, flour, oil etc all luxury items for a Christmas feast for the village. Also a very generous member donated money for the Nursary school children’s breakfast and lunch for 2016. I shall again send the money by Western Union to Pastor Daniel. I have approximately 50% towards a second Greenhouse which would, I believe, make the village totally self sufficient and viable.

May I wish each and every one and your families a very happy Christmas, travel safely for those travelling and thank you on behalf of Pastor Daniel for your ongoing support.