Bulletin Update No. 65

Well again I start another Bulletin Update with some good news and some not so good news.

Firstly the good news is that Swinburne University’s Medical Centre in Hawthorn donated seven large boxes of obsolete medical equipment and linen. Blood pressure machines, stethoscope, dressings, instruments and a large bag of linen. Their Swinburne Centre’s nurse contacted me and said she is happy to collect obsolete equipment and advise accordingly.

The not so good news is that the Kenyan High Commissioner’s office in Canberra contacted Rotary, who are paying for the Kanthi shipment, and said that a representative from the High Commissioner’s office is to come to inspect the shipment to sanction if it can go to Kenya. Subsequently with this hold up I was able to include the additional boxes from Swinburne and also a lovely box of children’s clothes………boxes now totalling twenty three. I am amazed how word has spread of the needs for the Medical Centre and I have been contacted by people I never knew……. so some good comes out of some not so good!

I rang Pastor Daniel on Wednesday night and checked how things were going in Kanthi. He told me that as Margaret was not able to be employed as mentioned in Bulletin Update No. 64 and so he had engaged a male nurse David Sau, who came highly recommended and highly qualified. This means that Daniel now has to travel to Nairobi to register David Sau as the nurse working at the Kanthi Medical Centre. Daniel also advised that they had sold Ksh 80,000.00 worth of tomatoes and with that money he had purchased two months supply of medicines …….a wonderful man, he never stops. He is about to plant another crop to supplement the income for the village.

I asked Daniel’s daughter to advise him that on ABC news on Friday morning it warned that the Insurgents were planning attacks on Mosques, Churches and shopping centres as it is the first anniversary of the bombing of the Nairobi shopping centre and also 9/11.

I hope and pray that the Kenyan’s High Commissioner’s staff do not stop the shipment being sent to Kenya. Daniel’s parting words were “please tell everyone who cares about us that God will bless them for their kindness”. I shall advise further re the shipment when we know of the inspection.

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