Bulletin Update No. 64

The good news and the not so good news!

The good news is that the donated medical supplies now number fifteen boxes, not ten as in Bulletin Update No. 63. May I again thank so many generous donors. Two new donors, one I have never met, being a company names Strapit in Thomastown. They donated 85 rolls of bandages for the Medical Centre. Another is my dentist in Doncaster East personally donating 200 toothbrushes….people are so generous and caring. The container was finished being packed today and the ship should be due to sail early next week, fortunately it being late gave me the opportunity to gather more supplies. I shall advise of the ETA when I know and we shall track it with great interest.

The not so good news when speaking with Pastor Daniel last week was that Margaret Kanini Ndambuki the nurse Daniel had engaged would not be released from the Catholic Missionary hospital in Mutomo. Daniel said for me not to despair and he would find another nurse. True to his word, in speaking with him on Thursday night, he has engaged the services of a male nurse who has worked with the Kenyan Government and also in private practice. He is to start on the 9th September and I recommended a trial period of three months before signing the man up to a twelve months contract. Daniel was very happy with my proposal and wanted Hon Rachael Nyamai to assist him with the registration papers that are to be lodged in Nairobi. Daniel negotiated a salary of Ksh 20,000.00 per month with the new nurse. Daniel purchased Ksh 40,000.00 worth of medications to ‘get them started’.

Speaking of Rachael I received an email from her on Thursday, see below:

Dear Hellen,

Sorry I have delayed to respond to this email.
I wish to acknowledge that the work that Daniel has done is really commendable and it’s value will be seen more as the health facility and the school grow. In a case like this in the Kenyan situation, the first opportunity will be to expose him to the local newspapers and thus will happen when the hospital runs and the launch is done. This will be the best time to expose the achievement story of Ntheeu.

We appreciate the supplies send from Australia and the best I can do is to get in touch with Emmanuel to see what assistance he will require. Emmanuel my number is 0720451803. The best is to ensure that the agent clearing does it within record time to ensure that no delays which may cause further charges. At the port there is sobriety and most goods will pass without interference due to increased surveillance. I must admit that I am not best adviser of matters of clearance of goods but will ask friends. The date of arrival needs to be properly monitored.

Power connectivity: Kanthi is a recognized education center and for that reason it’s a must that it be connected to power. I will send my assistant Mutua who is we’ll known by Ndunda to do Layman’s survey which will lead to the professional survey by REA. I will do my best to give power three months after the survey. The connectivity is done by a national Government agency called REA (rural electrification authority) and we have a good working relationship. I promise to try my best to hasten the process. For now I will guide Daniel on a letter to my office to request power to the day care centre and nursery school.

I know you have done so much. However I encourage you to push the facility a little further. I will also do my part as I promised to continue with the work that you have pushed this far. I know it’s not easy to fund raise for any project. Achieving these four is a great projects.

Our Gov works at a slow pace. We will be doing the classroom this year. I am finalizing implementation of projects for 14/15 where this classroom is. Kenyans in our team will know that projects do delay. The good this is they happen. Before end of the year, the project will be clone.

Warm regards,


20150816a 20150816b

Photo of Rachael (centre) outside Medical Centre Rachael meeting with Pastor Daniel

Dear Helen

My next opportunity if I get in parliament. I will do my best to fundraiser to support cheap housing for our people.



If all this promises were to come to fruition, how amazing, a village dying from starvation in 2011 to a village now with a Water Kiosk, a Greenhouse, a Nursery School, a Medical Centre and possibly a Primary school and the connection of electricity and improved living conditions for her people…..we shall wait and see! I guess the campaigning has commenced!

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