Bulletin Update No. 63

Thank you, thank you to the wonderful doctors, nurses, allied health workers who collect so many medical items for the Dispensary in Kanthi…..but the biggest thank you is to Kate and Gerry Cross of Canterbury Rotary who have arranged for the items to be shipped, gratis, with Rotary of Essendon’s shipment of medical beds to Kenya. Fortunately the ship has been delayed until the week of the 10th August as I had not finished collecting, packing, itemizing, labelling, securing (with the help of Kate Cross) all 10 boxes to be delivered onto the container for shipment. I have included ‘those crayons’ that went to Nairobi and back twice….third time lucky! We also have a bicycle for Nurse Margaret to ride to work courtesy of Rotary.

I have itemized every item and hope and pray that they arrive safely, without having to pay ‘an alleged bribe’. I sent off the last amount of monies from the WFG Kanthi bank account to Pastor Daniel being for two months wages for the nurse together with approximately Ksh 17,561.00 for medicines to start the clinic off. I am praying the tomatoes will soon be ready to help pay for some more medication until our supplies arrive. Pastor Daniel’s son Emmanuel wrote to me and said he would collect the items once they have been cleared in Nairobi and take them to Kanthi immediately. I have sent the following itinerary to all parties concerned including Hon. Rachael Nyamai who is the Chair of the Health Area in Kenya.

Medical Supplies


1,100 large Powder Free Disposable Latex gloves


2 x Obstetric kit – sealed packets
3 x Basic Dressing Pack #8 – sealed packets
1 x M size Highly Absorbent Sterile Lowe Limb wrap – sealed packet
25 x Mesorb 23 x 30 cm dressings – sealed packets
10 x Disposal vaginal speculums – sealed packets


100 x 3ml syringes
50 x 10 ml syringes
100 x 19G needles
100 x 21G needles
100 x 23G needles
20 boxes x 200 alcohol swabs
1 box x 200 alcohol swabs


400 packets of crayons for Nursery School Children


5 x Boxes surgical gloves – approximately 530 pairs – 4 boxes unopened, 1 box opened
12 x Intravenous giving sets
33 x ampoules of normal saline.
6 x CPR pillow slips


55 x Disposal vaginal speculum – s/m/large – sealed packets
8 x Disposal rectal speculum – sealed packets
9 x Sigmoid speculum – sealed packets


2 x boxes 50 each box Respiratory masks – sealed
3 x boxes 50 each box Surgical face masks – sealed
1 x box 35 each box Surgical face masks – sealed
6 x Asthma puffer dose control chambers – sealed
16 x Airways various sizes baby – adult – sealed
100 x s/s Stitch cutter blades – sealed
3 x 5ml syringes – sealed
2 x 3ml syringes – sealed
52 x 10ml syringes – sealed
3 x Disposable Laryngo scopes (adult size) – sealed packets
1 x Stainless steel Laryngo scopes (adult and baby blade) – sealed


1 x Sharpes disposable container (yellow)
7 x Stainless steel kidney dishes
9 pairs Stainless steel suture sissors
8 pairs Plain Stainless steel forceps
5 x Stainless steel (4 small / 1 medium) 1 child’s O2 mask
15 x Stainless steel surgical blades
100 x Surgical lancets
2 dozen Stainless Steel surgical suturing needles
5 x Stainless steel Michel clip removers
32 x 1/V site dressings – sealed
2 x I/V site dressings
4 x CPR pillow covers

14 x glucose monitors – boxed
1 x box 100 glucose strips for glucose monitor
1 x box 10 calibration strips for glucose monitor
1 x jar multi sticks

10 x basic dressing packs – sealed
4 x baby monitor trumpets.
20 x face masks
1 x ambumask
1 x sphygmomanometer
1 x large cuff
1 x child’s cuff
1x height measurer
2x thermometers
5x tea towels – sealed box
1x tourniquet
1 x stethoscope
1 x pairs scissors
 1x needle holders
2x artery forceps
1x swab holders
2 x insulin pens
4 x boxes 14 sachets Metamusel
4 x tubes anal cream
7 x inhalator medication
9x tubes acne cream
2 x inhalator medication 4 x bottles Coveram 5mg/10mg (high blood pressure)
7 x hypertension medication 2 x bottles Coveram 5mg/5mg (high blood pressure)
1 x bisolvon tablets for chest 1 box Panadol Osteo (96 tablets)
1 x Ditropan tablets 1 bottle hand wash

Children clothes
2 x little girls cotton dresses one white, one yellow
2 x baby sleep suits – blue
10 x children’s T shirts – sizes 1,2
2 x babies singlet’s
3 x long sleeve, short leg sleep suits
3 x short sleeve, short leg sleep suits
1 x short sleeve heavy cotton top

Boxes of baby wipes
1 X Bicycle.

I shall await word from Emmanuel who shall take all the items and deliver them to Pastor Daniel in Kanthi.

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