Bulletin Update No. 62

What a wonderful organization Rotary is! The Rotary branch of Essendon is ‘finding space’ for my medical supply boxes in their container going to Kenya at the end of the month, and they are doing this gratis….sincere thanks to all concerned.

Wonders will never cease in the fact that I received the following email from Hon. Rachael Nyamai MP in Kitui constituency (Kanthi) of Kenya after months of silence.

Dear Hellen,

I congratulate you for the Medal of Order of Australia you just received and thank you very much for the mail on what you have so far achieved with your team. I am happy to say that I am and will remain part of this process and products associated with it. I have worked hand in hand with Daniel including visiting the Cilici more than once and helping to make things progress. Kindly have a talk with him and find out whether he appreciates what we have been able to do together.

I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your donations and having a human heart for the people of Kanthi and for the friendship you have with us. We do not take thus for granted.

In terms of way forward from now….I am going to have a discussion with Daniel when back from Canada to know whether he really wants to hand over this project to Government of Kenya. My advice is that we do not give it up. This can become a health facility like Mutomo Mutomo Hospital which is funded and supported by the Catholic Church. In terms of registration I connected Daniel Ndunda to the Dr who could do this. No one else Is allowed to write this letter except the Doc. Actually a politician is not allowed to write such a letter. I hope you understand this Hellen.

In terms of registration we will be able to handle at the national level to ensure that we get the necessary certificates to be fully operational. Your help is needed in drugs and other supplies because this clinic will be best if it remains a private Kanthi community clinic.

Water….. Daniel will tell you that we are finalizing the pipeline from Kithini to Mutomo. This may increase the flow of water to Kanthi at some point. Government programmers here are really slow.

Classroom…we finally got the funds for the proposed classroom and funds will be availed to Kathi community. Daniel will be in the project management committee. It’s within my docket to ensure that the school is registered by the Governement. The land we purchased, your existing classroom and the up coming primary school classroom will qualify us for registration. This is a great achievement that you will also be documenting. The only other thing I will try to do is to connect the clinic with the supply of vaccines. This we ask you to support us with the storage facilities such as fridges etc….. I promise to connect the school to power supply. This takes time but it will happen……it’s not obvious here to have power connection to populations. The current president has said every school must be connected to power supply and all Mps are working towards this.

It’s really my pleasure to have Daniel in Government. He will tell us the best way we can assist to have him join Government as what he does for the people surpasses what we do. I appreciate you Hellen. Be blessed.

Sincerely yours,

Hon Dr Rachael Nyamai

I am going to discuss with Daniel what his thoughts are regarding the Medical Centre remaining a community clinic or seeking registration as a Government institution. I guess with the Kenyan Government history (water supply issue) it might be best to remain a community venture as the community built and currently own the facility. The big question is sustainability! Drugs are so very expensive in Kenya, so we shall speak with the doctor at Mutomo hospital to seek his guidance also. I have had conversations with the Mercy nuns in Australia and spoken and had correspondence from Sr. Mary Okumu, Administrator of the Mutomo hospital. The lines of communications were opened up by Sr. Laboure, a Mercy nun in Ireland (sister of the late Fr Michael Sheehy, past parish priest of St. Gregory’s in Doncaster)….global co operation!

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