Bulletin Update No. 61

Jackpot! yes we have just engaged a nurse/midwife named Margaret Kanini Ndambuki to work in the Medical Centre. She has been working at the Missionary hospital in Mutomo and has agreed to work in the Medical Centre in Kanthi. There are a few ‘teething’ problems to work out, supplies of medicines being the major one and transporting her to work another. She lives in Mutomo, 8 km away. I shall liaise with Daniel to try to arrange something regarding her transport….not like here, no public transport!

With regards to the medicines. Margaret spoke with me on the telephone last week and read out a list of medicines they need, antibiotics are the most expensive…extremely so, on Margaret’s list Antibiotics cost Ksh 84,300 (A$1,124.00). . Other medicines are anti fungal, anti worms, anti vomiting, peptic ulcer, cough syrup, to name a few. Margaret is due to start work on Monday, 3rd August, providing we have supplies for her to work with.

I was advised by a Rotarian from Doncaster and then I spoke at a dinner for Rotary Canterbury on Monday evening about the Kanthi projects and was advised of an organization in Footscray Donations in Kind who ship goods for not for profit organizations all around the world. Coincidently they have a container going to Kenya at the end of this month. I am to yet find out the cost of the boxes I wish to send. They also have medical equipment which they ‘might’ give for the Kanthi people. The one sad thing I was advised by Rotary is that I shall have to pay a bribe at the Kenyan end…..I do not know how much. I contacted a person in Nairobi who also advised me that ‘that was normal practice’…..all Government controls!

Please see photos below of Margaret, her qualifications and photos the newly constructed toilet in foreground of Dispensary and a photo of the latest tomato crop: the tomato crop will supplement the village income. The patients also pay a fee when visiting the Dispensary.



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