Bulletin Update No. 60

People’s generosity, when I have required assistance for the village people of Kanthi, continues to amaze me…but why should it, as you have helped these people over the past three years! My request for contacts or perhaps medical supplies was met with such generosity by both Brother Sean Keefe, Chaplain at Whitefriars College, Donvale and the Chief Executive Officer of Manningham Community Health Services, Ms. Jenny Jackson. Brother Sean donated SIX boxes of medical equipment, supplies etc. sharing supplies that he would take to Timor Leste where he works tirelessly for the Timorese people. The wonderful First Aid Officer at the College chose all the appropriate equipment for the Medical Centre in Kanthi……operating theatre instruments, equipment, metal kidney dishes, blood pressure machine, stethoscope, obstetric packs etc. The incredible Jenny Jackson and staff contributed two boxes of medical supplies bandages, solutions, washes and more……more than I could ever have imagined! As Pastor Daniel would say God bless you in abundance

My next request is if anyone might, by some slim chance, be travelling to Kenya in the next few weeks or so?? I would not chance sending the equipment for two reasons, remember the crayons that I posted at a huge cost, they went to Nairobi and back here twice. Also in declaring that the parcels contained medical supplies I seriously wonder if they would ever be delivered or perhaps ‘ransomed’ off. Pastor Daniel’s sons live in Nairobi, so if I can get the supplies there…….one large suitcase would be suitable, they would deliver them to their father in the village.

If anyone might be able to offer assistance please contact me by email jurcevic@bigpond.com . Thanking you in anticipation.

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