Bulletin Update No. 79

I have been withholding writing this bulletin in the hope that Pastor Daniel may have responded in the ‘affirmative’ regarding having the registration of the Dispensary centre and Nursery school changed from a faith based registration to a community based registration. Sadly this has not been the case. I spoke with Daniel last week and he only then informed me of the status in the village. Although they have had rains the water is not flowing to the Water Kiosk. Secondly the tomato crop that Daniel had planted was not harvested, lost due to the lack of water. In hindsight perhaps he should have planted the potatoes as first discussed as I sent enough money for water for the harvesting of a potato crop! As a result of no income the Nursery school closed due to no money to pay a teacher and lastly with no money the Dispensary closed also. I was advised that Daniel had had a fall and injured his hand, so I do hope he makes a full recovery soon. As the Women’s Friendship Group together with donors provided the money for the infrastructure of the Water Kiosk, the Greenhouse, the furnishings for the Nursery School and the Dispensary and fittings with the village women contributing the labour I trust in the future these projects may be resurrected and not fail as many NGO projects seem to in Africa.

In speaking with Daniel after the ‘doom and gloom’ news I advised him that the women of the Women’s Friendship Group had contributed and raised money for the village people to have a Christmas lunch on 25th December. I sent $552.00 (Ksh 38,000.00) over for Daniel to purchase five goats, flour, beans, and 20 litre of oil. I asked Daniel to buy packets of sweet biscuits and bottles of soft drinks for the 150 children in the village as a special ‘treat’.

Unfortunately I have not had a reply from Margaret Kenyatta to my letter regarding the shipment of the medical supplies (still stored at Tullamarine).

I do not wish to finish off the Bulletin Updates on a negative note so I hope and pray the people of Kanthi village may gain assistance from the Kenyan Government in the forthcoming election year to sustain the infrastructure thus giving them a continuation of their ‘improved quality of life’.

May I wish each and everyone who has supported the Kanthi Village projects over the past five years a very happy Christmas, a peaceful holiday for those on leave and a great 2017.


Bulletin Update No. 78

It was great to finally receive some correspondence from Pastor Daniel the other week regarding the progress of the tomato crop and also showing the Primary School classroom the Government has built in Kanthi. Interesting finish compared with the Dispensary finish which the village people built!! I guess with elections coming up ‘things start to move’.

20161005b 20161005c

The second correspondence from Daniel was the registration notice from the Kenyan Government for the Dispensary. I was ‘over the moon’ to receive it until I read that the Dispensary was registered ‘As a Faith Based Organisation’ which means the Good News Church of Africa of which Daniel is the Pastor has ownership, not the Kanthi Community. Also the Dispensary registration expires on 16th December, 2016, (see Certificate below). Teresia Mutisya, Pastor Daniel’s daughter, stated she thought it was a Government error in registration, however I pointed out that the Nursery School was also registered in the Church’s name which I have been requesting to have changed for the past eighteen months, but it still remains under the original registration.

There are two aspects which are of great concern:

Firstly if the entity was registered as a Community based organisation then they would receive free vaccines and possible medical supplies and staffing by the Kenyan Government according to the Hon. Rachael Nyamai MP for the Kitui County.

Secondly as the Women’s Friendship Group Inc. is a non-denominational, non-political, multicultural organization for women, we do not support funding any specific denominational organisations i.e. The Good News Church of Africa.

I have written to Pastor Daniel expressing the above points and requested that he have the registration changed to indicate the registration and ownership of the Dispensary and also the Nursery School by the Kanthi Community. I shall await his reply but until such time the WFG Committee has decided, on behalf of its donors and under its constitution, to suspend any further funding for projects i.e. the second Greenhouse until this matter is rectified. However the Committee did vote to send a donation collected at the WFG Christmas luncheon to Pastor Daniel to purchase food for the people of Kanthi village for Christmas as we have done over the past years.


I truly hope that Pastor Daniel abides by our original agreement that is ‘that all projects funded by the WFG are registered and owned by the Kanthi Community’.

I shall await his reply and advise all supporters of the Walk for Water projects accordingly.



Bulletin Update No. 77

Another nice surprise last week was that Pastor Daniel rang me to have a talk. He stated that he had travelled to Nairobi to register the Dispensary. He told me that he had to sell an animal to pay the ‘costs’ at every level! I said I had sent the money for the registration last year, he said he had paid it but had not been given a receipt. However Daniel said he paid the cost again and was then told he had to wait a fortnight to receive the document of registration, hopefully early next week. Daniel registered the name of the dispensary Kanthi Community Dispensary. Sadly, and I do not blame him, Daniel said he is ageing and is not too well and so is tiring of the work but however would see this project through.

He forward the document regarding the inspection (click to enlarge).


Daniel said that there has not been any water for quite some time. He said that they had to ‘let the male nurse go’ as they could not afford his wages (Ksh25,000.00 per month) and had employed a retired senior lady for Ksh 7,000.00 per month. However the Dispensary was not paying its way. Due to not having a good crop they have closed the Nursery school sadly and especially as the Government is in the process of building a Primary School, finally. I am sorry this information was not conveyed to me earlier either by Daniel or Hon. Rachael Nyamai. I sent money over to purchase water and therefore plant a crop, hopefully ‘some part of the project’ can be resurrected…..it seems a never ending battle!!

When I receive the registration paper I shall contact the Kenyan High Commissioner’s office in Canberra and see what they believe the next best step before giving the documents to Etihad airlines. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a wonderful lady this week, Sister Margaret of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. Sister has worked in Kenya for the past twenty five years, and guess what in the Machakos County which is the County next to Kitui, which is where Kanthi is situated. Sister is returning to Kenya on 20th September. Sister told me that The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta was a wonderful woman who has a campaign Zero Maternal Deaths and runs marathons to raise money for this cause. Margaret ran the London Marathon and the New York Marathon. I am contacting her to see if she is interested in sterile Obstetric kits I have in my shipment to Kenya and maybe, just maybe with the registration papers and The First Lady’s interest, the shipment might leave our shores!! It has been twelve months since I received the first donations…..patience Daniel says! Also I understand if the Dispensary is registered as a community entity then vaccinations are provided free of charge and hopefully a staff member, fingers crossed.

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Bulletin Update No. 76

I sent off the request to Pastor Daniel on 4th July regarding the Ecommunity online registration of the Dispensary and a request for receipts of monies sent in the past months as July is taxation and audit time for the WFG Australian/Kanthi Village account. As I had not heard back, I sent another email and an SMS to alert Daniel of an email being send. I was so excited to receive an immediate response. Please see below the photo of the new tomato crop, an email of explanation from Daniel and the copies of receipts.




Much greetings from Kanthi.Iam very sorry for delaying to update you on the receipts of the money you sent to us.

Out of 35,000ksh you sent we only used 7500ksh to buy one trip of water bowzer .The water we used for nursery planting. We Trans planted the nursery on 3rd July 2016.Below find pictures of the transplanted tomatoes.

The rest of the money is in our account a waiting to buy water.

About registration the hospital is doing all necessary but the government keeps on saying I wait. I talked to our area(HON.RACHAEL KAKI) mp and she said she would help but now she is out of the country. I will update you on the progress once she is back.




I wish to have the Dispensary project completed before I send money over for the second Greenhouse, so I truly wish one of Pastor Daniel’s sons in Nairobi would register the entity online and I shall then negotiate with the Government re-entry of the goods without having to pay taxes. Pastor Daniel stating that he is waiting on Hon. Rachael Nyamai, from my experience with Rachael and advice from the Kenyan Consulate in Canberra, we shall be waiting!!

I am so grateful, on behalf of the Kanthi village people, to those wonderful individuals who are still contributing towards the second Greenhouse. I have just emailed Amiran to re-establish contact in preparation for a contact.

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Bulletin Update No. 75

Well a possible ‘breakthrough’! After several telephone calls to the Kenyan High Commissioner’s office in Canberra, I finally spoke with Consular Maurice Amisi, who assisted me with the connection of water in the latter stage of the Water project back in 2012/2013. Maurice advised me of the laws relating to the importation of medical supplies and goods into Kenya. If the goods are being donated to a registered institution then the Kenyan Government does not charge taxes for the goods. Maurice guided me through a website: ecitizen.go.ke in order to register the Dispensary. Ezekiel, Daniel’s son offered to attend to the registration, so fingers crossed, the goods maybe on their way to Nairobi in the near future…..Daniel always says ‘patience Hellen’!

Interestingly Consular Maurice advised me to have direct contact with the Government officials in Kenya, not the Parliamentarians!



Bulletin Update No. 74

I note that it is two months since my last bulletin update, two months of frustration! The much needed medical supplies, clothing, crayons, toothbrushes, toothpaste are still sitting at Netfreight’s warehouse in Tullamarine waiting for ‘the elusive authority’ to have Etihad airlines fly the cargo to Nairobi. I have sent numerous emails followed up by telephone calls since March to Hon. Rachael Nyamai, all falling on deaf ears. Why no answer is the unknown, why not accepting the cargo to help her people is beyond comprehension. In my last email to Rachael I mentioned the media coverage the Kenyan election campaign is showing on Melbourne television and suggested that if she authorized the cargo to be accepted, ‘how good that would look for her campaign’, still no reply!!

In desperation I rang the Kenyan High Commissioner in Canberra last week and spoke to Lawrence Kanampau in the Consulate office. Lawrence was very receptive of my plight and after visiting the Walk for Water website promised to take all my issues re the cargo to Ambassador Kabira and hopefully find a solution to my problem of approval to send the goods. Lawrence invited me to Canberra to meet with Ambassador Kabira and I in return extended an invitation for the Ambassador to visit Melbourne. I shall wait this week for a return call or email.

In the meantime I received two telephone calls from Pastor Daniel advising me of his situation. Sadly, due to the ongoing drought they have no water flowing through their pipes and hence no crops in the Greenhouse. Without income from the crops Daniel is having to pay the Nursery school teacher out of his own funds. He advised me that the children who graduated last year from the Nursery school are excelling at school this year and he was thrilled at their prospects. He told me that if they had five tankers of water delivered then that would fill their tanks and they would have enough water to grow potatoes and they sell very well at market due to being scarse. Each tanker costs Ksh 7,500.00 and so I sent Ksh 37,500.00 which with the Western Union fee cost A$557.27 (sadly the Ksh is 0.71 for A$1.00). Sending this money meant I had to ‘dip’ into the money set aside for the second Greenhouse) so that will have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately with the fluxation of the Australian dollar it is becoming more expensive as time goes by! Why a second Greenhouse I asked Daniel, he replied when the rains come we can ‘run two crops’ alternatively and so hopefully have a continuous source of income.

Surprisingly the Dispensary (Medical Centre) is still operating but for reasons unknown is not being well patronised, perhaps this will take time!

Let’s hope and pray the Kenyan Ambassador in Australia can ‘work a miracle’ to have this cargo accepted.



Bulletin Update No. 73

Having become increasing impatient with the length of time the Kenyan Government was taking to accept the donations, I emailed Hon. Rachael Nyamai to advise that I was considering withdrawing the offer due to my perceived embarrassment caused to an international airlines who are willing to send cargo over to ‘her’ people. Ironically I received an immediate reply as below:

Dear Hellen,

This is part one of the work done. We have to get funds for part two.


Following is a sample of the document Rachael has provided.  In addition to the item described below, approval has been granted for a further 3 of the 28 boxes.



Application Reference No : CD2016000PPB321F0000247976 Version No : 1



Permit Donation

Document 321F – Permit Donation

Document Type PER – Permits

Process 321F01 – Donation permit process

Application Reference No : CD2016000PPB321F0000247976 Version No : 1

Master Approval No Master Approval Version No

UCR Number UCR201600314885

Application Status

Approval Status :AP – Approved Used Status : Application Date :20160213

Expiry Date :20170213 Amended Date : Used Date :

Item Details

Item No :1

Item Description :MEDICAL











Item HS Code :9018900000 HS Description :Instruments and

apparatus, nes, for medical,

surgical… sciences

Quantity :640 Unit Of Quantity :Units Supplementary – Quantity :0 Package Type :Box, natural wood

Package Quantity :1 Foreign Currency Code :USD Unit Price FCY :0.31 Total Price FCY :200.00

Unit Price NCY :31.96 Total Price NCY :20,452.36 Country Of Origin :AUSTRALIA Item Net Weight :4 Units

Item Gross Weight :7 Units Applicant Remarks :OK

This is only a ‘portion’ of the goods I have listed to send. There is no mention of bandages, bed lines, obstetric kits etc. plus clothing for the women and children, the boxes of crayons for the Nursery school etc. I listed twenty eight boxes! I shall send another email to Rachael and ask why they have been ‘so selective’ with the acceptance of the donated items. Also I shall ask her when shall I expect PART TWO being ‘who is to pay/waiver the duty’ from the Government? This part of the project has been in progress since August, 2015!

In the meantime the Dispensary is not operating as there are no supplies and no money to pay a nurse! It is hard to understand ‘why their Government treats its people this way’?

On a more positive note Daniel said the tomato crop ‘was great’ and they were selling at the market so this money will pay the Nursery school teacher…..they are becoming self-sufficient….now for a second Greenhouse to enable the village people to have crops rotating and ‘they will be fine’.

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Bulletin Update No. 72

As I mentioned in Bulletin Update No. 70 initially starting with Rotary Donations in Kind in Brooklyn (who stored the goods for months) then through the wonderful generosity of Etihad Airlines combining with Freightnet International (carriers) and Menzies (agents) all of whom have donated their time and expertise to fly the medical supplies and clothing over to Nairobi GRATIS. Well we are almost there…see the photos.

Nick (Freightnet) carrier waiting to deliver to airport
Nick (Freightnet) carrier waiting to deliver to airport
Laurie (Rotary) loading goods onto our ute
Laurie (Rotary) loading goods onto our ute
Laurie (Rotary) wrapping goods
Laurie (Rotary) wrapping goods

I have had several emails and telephone calls last week to Hon. Rachael Nyamai MP, Kenyan Government as well as Pastor Daniel Ntheeu regarding the Kenyan Government clearing the goods and not charging any duty as all are donated items for the village people of Kanthi. I sent an eight page Master Sheet itemizing all the supplies I am sending to Hon. Rachael Nyamai and please see Rachael’s email reply:

Dear Helen,

I received the list and passed them to the person who will be assisting from pharmacy and poisons board. I hope they will be cleared .


Now we are all waiting for the forty four million dollar answer, will they receive the goods? Rachael told me that the Kenyan Government will not accept any medicines, so here we go again, removing the medicines and repacking again. Initially the airlines advised that we could not send alcohol swabs (21 boxes) as they might burst under pressure in the cargo hole, leak and cause a fire……I am so impressed and relieved that the airlines are so diligent.

Fingers crossed we are so close, yet so far not only distance but acceptance!

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Bulletin Update No. 71

As Pastor Daniel promised he forward an email and photos of their Christmas lunch. Unfortunately there were not photos of the children’s treats as explained in the email. Please view photos and thank you to those in the Women’s Friendship Group who contributed to this Christmas luncheon.

20150119c 20150119b 20150119a


Due to un avoidable circumstance the day I was supposed to give children goodies I was not within reach and I did not want them be given when I was not around so I planned on this day to give children and the entire church the goodies.

The money you had given me for the food for nursery I deposited in bank . we started to use the money when school has opened . On 25/12/2015 I left presents which were given when I was away that’s why I did not post you any photos . please sister Helen God has given me peace of heart and to be contented with whatever small I have so don’t be disappointed .



It is lovely to see the families coming tother to celebrate Christmas. I am currently focusing on raising money to purchase a second Greenhouse so the villagers will become self-sufficient and not rely on seasonal rains that often do not ever come and then having to turn to ‘outside’ support.

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Bulletin Update No. 70

Firstly may I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. I am delighted to say that 2016 has commenced fabulously with the most wonderful gesture by Etihad Airlines. I have a lifelong friend Luke who is the Operational Control Manager for the airlines in Abu Dhabi. Luke has arranged through the airlines Sydney office to fly all the medical supplies including children’s clothing over to Nairobi gratis…..Colin the Country Manager Cargo in Australia who is in Etihad Sydney office advised me to collect additional supplies together with used clothes for the children and he will arrange to fly them over the week of 1st February, 2016….wow!

I received an email from Hon. Rachael Nyamai a Minister in the Kenyan Government wishing me well for 2016. I replied similarly and requested her assistance to have her Government waiver the duty fees on the cargo when it arrives at Nairobi airport…..fingers crossed that this is the case and the goods arrive in tact. I shall ask Emmanuel, Pastor Daniel’s son who lives in Nairobi and works for the Government, to collect the supplies and have them transported to Kanthi…….what an operation! It continues to amaze me how people and organizations not connected with the Women’s Friendship Group’s Kanthi projects are so willing to donate time and expertise to the cause….such goodness in the world!

Pastor Daniel sent me a document and photos in an email last night but unfortunately I cannot open them in the particular format so we have requested that they resend them in another format.

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